iPhone 6 is set for the release

The mobile enthusiast is about to get a view of iPhone 6 soon. Big announcement from the brand of Apple Inc will be coming in near future. Third quarter of 2014 has been set as the launching time of iPhone 6. It is believed to be announced along with MacBook air and iWatch in September, 2014. New operating software called iOS 8 will be used in iPhone 6 to give the mobile enthusiast a great high. It is flagship product from the brand of Apple Inc. They have worked a lot on the designs of iPhone 6. Therefore it is a worth a wait for the mobile enthusiasts.



Apple Inc is trying to expand the market of flagship device with iPhone 6. It will be a next big thing for the brand. They want to capture the market with this premium device. iPhone 6 will be coming in the fall of 2014 with two variant.  It will be available with a 4.7 inch variant and 5.5 inch variant. The news of two variants of iPhone 6 has been ruling the market for quite some time. The dimension of iPhone 6 has increased enthusiasm among the user. With the each passing day innovations are being added to iPhone 6 to produce a device with superior quality.

Chinese suppliers of Apple has been preparing for the production of iPhone 6. The production process will be starting from this July. Innovations introduced in the iPhone 6 have been patented in order to avoid debacle like last year. A war over patent has started between Samsung and Apple Inc. The brand has become aware about the need of the patent.

iPhone 6 will be protected with the Sapphire Glass. It will enable the model to reduce scratch marks in the screen. Liquid metal has been used at the construction of this handset. Apple Inc has also secured patent from NFC technology for the payment of the mobile. A new mapping system has been introduced in order to provide a 3D guided tour to the user. It will be one step ahead of other devices with this mapping system.

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