IPhone 5S Outselling Cheaper iPhone 5c In USA

The iphone 5S is currently outselling the cheaper iphone 5C by a margin of two phones to one in the USA.  Now these phones need to be produced fast as the backlog has began. The cheaper iphone is now struggling in the market to gain a foothold and woo the attention of customers.  The cost of the iphone 5s is £529 SIM-free and it is about eighty pounds more than the iphone 5c.  The price difference has not deterred users for going in for the better and costlier phone.


This device includes the Touch ID fingerprint scanner besides a 64 bit processor. The above fact has been revealed by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. The previously released iphone 4s has accounted for just under ten percent of the sales in the USA. Apple has also been trying to expand markets in China and India as well. This has been a major struggle for the company as it has been struggling to make an array into these markets. The daily production of the iphone 5c handset has now been reduced to half and the company is making just 150,000 units everyday as a backlog of inventory has already started and began!

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