iPhone 5S Likely To Come In Higher Resolution

Several reports are coming to say that the display on the next iPhone might get an upgrade considering the Retina 2. A renowned market research firm reports that  iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) will come with a better resolution and a thinner bezel. The smartphone  is likely to have a screen of 1.5 million pixels, as compared to 730,000 pixels on iPhone 5. If screen size does not increase (which is unlikely to happen), then the resolution will certainly be doubled from the existing resolution of Apple iPhone 5. After adopting a thinner bezel for the iPad mini, it is expected  that Apple is working on a similar strategy with the iPhone 5S as well.


The point to be noted in this case is that  resolution improvements in the iPhone have not taken place since the  introduction of Retina display  by the company.  But in the meantime,  other leading smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and HTC have surpassed the resolution on the iPhone with devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Hence it will be quite interesting to see if an increase in resolution takes place in forthcoming iPhone. So if you are waiting for next iPhone from Apple, then you can expect something really exciting.

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