iPhone 5 To Be Released Between July And August

Rumors and speculations on the release of iPhone 5 continue to roll out with the new discussions made by the awaiting customers of Apple’s latest mobile phone. The news that is now hitting the headlines is the possible release of this handset between July and August. It is speculated that the latest device by Apple would have its own hardware specifications along with some features of the prior apple device iPhone 4. According to the rumors that are now making the rounds iPhone 5 would come with a 5-mega pixel camera.

"iPhone 5"

The processor that the device would run on is the ARM Cortex-A9 processor but it is still not revealed if it would be a single or dual core processor. It cab be concluded that the iPhone 5 would be compatible with GSM or CDMA-based network from the fact that this handset features a dual sim card.

Even before the release of this master device its competitors are getting prepared to subdue the threat that this device projects on their business. Microsoft, a major competitor, has recently released the Mango update for its Windows 7 phone that is anticipated to offer better browsing facilities and new features under the search engine Bing.

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