iPhone 4S Review

Apple really shocked the world when they launched the new Apple iPhone 4S when the world was expecting Apple iPhone 5. However, the new smartphone from Apple definitely beats some of the top features in iPhone 4 and therefore many users have decided to dump their iPhone 4 and instead get along with the new iPhone 4S that has some great features to make the smartphone experience even better. The iPhone 4S has been designed by Apple to beat the Samsung Galaxy S2 but it still depends on how users feel about the new Apple smartphone when they use it in real time.

iPhone 4S Hardware

On the outside, Apple iPhone 4S looks very similar to the earlier version and therefore there is nothing much about the looks of the phone, but Apple has definitely made some improvements inside the smartphone to make it count. The new iPhone 4S comes with new dual core A5 processor which is quicker, faster and better than the A4 processor that is available in Apple iPhone 4. The same processor is being used in iPad 2 which increases the graphical power of Apple iPhone 4S by seven times. The only change that Apple has made on the exterior is the dual band aerial design because they wanted to make sure that there are no antenna issues that happened with the earlier model.

iPhone 4S Display

Apple iPhone 4S comes with the similar Retina display which has been improved to make the screen resolution better. Hence, you can always expect some sharp and crisp images on your new Apple iPhone 4S smartphone. To make it even better the new A5 dual core processor enhances the overall graphics on the screen and even adds to the performance of the smartphone making it good for all those who like better screens.

iPhone 4S Battery Life

Apple has been working hard to come up with better battery performance and this time they were able to achieve it. The new Apple iPhone 4S battery can last up to four hours when watching video and 40 hours of listening music. You can also load up all your apps quickly on your new Apple iPhone 4S and it will work great. Hence, Apple has been able to deliver some really good results to ensure that consumers can make the most of their iPhone 4S even when they are on the move and that they don’t have to charge frequently. However, the standby time of Apple iPhone 4S has gone down from 300 hours to 200 hours.

iPhone 4S Software

Apple has been working on better operating systems all the time and this time they have come up with iOS 5 which is the best operating system so far. The new operating system has a range of improvements that can impress even those users who have never used Apple iPhone earlier. The software also includes a digital personal assistant called Siri that can help users to get their things done quickly when you order certain commands to it. With Siri users can do lot of things like send text and email messages and even find different restaurants and directions for different places close to your area. It can understand spoken English and therefore it really helps because users don’t have to type anything.

iPhone 4S Camera

Many critics claim that the new Apple iPhone 4S has the best camera that you can find in the market. The new smartphone by Apple has 8 megapixel camera on the rear side and it can take some really great pictures in less time. Hence, if you are looking for best camera smartphones then Apple iPhone 4S should be on your list. The video quality from the same camera is equally great and can record with 1080p.


Apple iPhone 4S is certainly one of the best smartphones in the market today and therefore it deserves all the appreciation. Apple has upgraded the new smartphone in a better way to improve the performance of the phone in every possible way.

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