iPhone 4S or Android – Which Will You Choose?

Do you remember the original movie ‘Planet of the Apes’? It is a movie depicting apes taking over the planet and humans becoming the ‘second most intelligent’ creatures on the earth.

Well, I feel that we are actually beginning to live that nightmare except it isn’t apes that are taking over humanity, it is cell phones!

My phone has lived a long and productive life, but it is beginning to show the signs of age. I decided that is was time for an upgrade, so I began to evaluate the options now available on cell phones.

I have to say that the new smart phones captivated me. I researched the available features for both the android and the iPhone 4S.

The looks of both phones are very pleasing, sleek and nifty looking. Both have cameras with the same specs. (I think the picture quality is a little better on the iPhone 4S than on the Android), they both take 1080 HD videos. They both utilize Led lights for the flash.

The iPhone has an ‘office assistant’, Siri that you can vocally instruct to send certain messages or call a person, quite handy if your driving. It has a 16GB built in memory, as does the Android so they can hold many documents. Both have the capability of being able to accept many application downloads.

Here are the problems I faced when trying to make a decision between the two phones.

1. The Android has so many versions/models with each version/model having different specs that trying to make a knowledgeable decision is extremely difficult. It seems that each provider has its own version of Android, so one has to select the service provider to get the phone they want.

2. The more I read on each phone, the more apparent it became that to be proficient with the phones and their applications one needs a computer science degree.

3. The biggest problem I encountered was the customer reviews. Take 10 of the latest customer reviews for either phone, and you will see five ratings between 4 and 5 stars, and five ratings between 1 and 2 stars. (One lady was upset because her iPhone did not have Led lights for the flash. Either the flash was not working or she didn’t know how to set it to auto)

My take on this is that the new phones still have some bugs, and you have a 50-50 chance of getting a good working phone.

In case your wondering, the decision I made was to continue researching and maybe wait two or three months for the ‘bugs’ to be ironed out.

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