iPhone 4S Launched In The Shores Of Taiwan

The Apple Corporation is proud to announce that on the 16th December, 2011, it has been successful to give to its Taiwan fans a taste of their technology. It has been triumphant in launching the iPhone 4S in the capital of Taiwan which is the city of Taipei. The phone went on sale from today 9 am onwards. People have been coming from all across the country in order to procure one for them selves.

A particular David Hsu has queued up from the earlier night from midnight to catch the gadget at the first go after the stores open the next day. He had asked his friend to keep the line for him in the queue after which he joined him later to queue him self. All the people have been heard to praise the product; they have actually heard praising all Apple products. They have pointed out they are opting to buy this phone as all iPhone are quite user friendly and they very easily manageable. While some had come to get one for them elves others had come to gift someone an iPhone. The stores anticipate that they are going to witness record sales as this is the first time people have queued up from earlier night to procure the gadget.

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