Iphone 4 Loses Place In Top 5 Best Phones Chart

Believe it or not but iphone 4 has lost its place in the Top 5 Best Phones Chart and this was confirmed by an survey that was conducted by uSwitch. The best phones spot have been bagged by the Android phones and the top three spots have been bagged by HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD and HTC Wildfire. This survey is based on the sales and live searches that are conducted by consumers. The fourth and the fifth place have been bagged by the Blackberry Curve 8520 and the Samsung Galaxy S. This comes as a great blow to Apple’s iPhone 4 that has been pushed out of the top 5 spot and has landed a place at number 6.

"Iphone 4"

From the above survey it has been made evident that the Android is now dominating the tastes of many mobile consumers. There was a time when consumers went in for the iPhone and it was one of the most widely sought after phones in the market. The current survey reveals the fact that the iPhone is no longer in demand and Android devices are the reigning mobiles that are doing great business now. Apple needs to do something about the above as it seems that the iPhone is losing its grip in the market!

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