In Canada Apple Have Overtaken Blackberry

Toronto: research in motion Ltd has been drive out from the finest spot for Smartphone consignment in its domicile market for the first time, straggling apple Inc’s iphone. In Ontario waterloo RIM is based. According to the last year survey the blackberry user in Canada was 2.08 million. But the apple user in Canada is 2.85 million, the data accumulated by IDC and Bloomberg show. In 2010 iphone was overtaken by blackberry around half million. These were the news of 2010 but in 2008 when ihone was newly arrived then the RIM outsold apple nearly five to one.


In Canada blackberry is one of the huge brand and as a huge brand it has got the pleasure of loyalty when compare to other local brands. There was a time when the people of Canada were emerged in blackberry. But now things have been changed because apple has taken the place of blackberry. Paul Taylor, a fund manager of BMO Harris private banking in Toronto stated that blackberry has lost its clutch in Canada due to the iphone’s user friendly features.

According to the Paul, who look after around $15 billion assets, including RIM as well as apple shares stated for RIM to lose superior position to iphone in its home market is deliberately significant. By looking the marketing situation of home country one thing is clearly visible that the consumers are responding positive towards the huge functionality of the iphone.
To close down, which is spreading from the north US, the RIM’s new chief executive officer Thorsten Heins has swear to perform something exceptional. The blackberry 7 phone which was launched last year possessed good web browsers and the navigation of touch screen was better when compare to other older models. Executive officer Heins stated that blackberry 10 will show greater improvement in present year.

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