Images Of The Nokia E6-00 Surfaces At Last

Just days before its launch At the MWC images of the Nokia E6-00 has surfaced on the internet giving mobile users a sneak peak into the mobile shots of the phone. The pictures appear as predicted that the phone is going to be a business phone based on the Symbian platform that sports a form that is very much like the E71. The images that have been revealed on the internet reveal that the phone is one that will sport a QWERTY keyboard that will also have dedicated screens for easy navigation.

"Nokia E6-00"

The phone will also have a VGA display that is not going to be a touch screen. The phone has a rear camera of 8MP with a dual flash (LED). Users can resort to video conferencing with the front facing camera of the phone. It is anticipated that the phone is one that is going to sport an ARM processor along with social networking with e-mail integration. This, however, has not yet been confirmed by the pictures that have been released on the internet. The phone also boosts of 3G and Wi-Fi Connectivity. The handset is all set to make its first debut at the Mobile World Congress that is scheduled to be held in Barcelona next month.

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