Images Of The Blackberry 10 Device Surface Online

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the Blackberry 10 Device and now there are many leaked photos and related videos emerging on the Internet. They are available for the Blackberry 10 device and now the QWERTY version has come online. If you check online you will find that there are two blurred images that appear to be the N Series of Blackberry 10 smartphones that have been posted on that is a Chinese website.

Blackberry 10

From the images that have been leaked on the Internet it appears that this QWERTY Blackberry 10 smartphone has corners that are curved and radically different from the present range of QWERTY handsets available in the market. The basic difference between the old and new handset is the Company has done away with the menu and the navigation keys.

There is also anticipation that the N-Series will have no trackpad and these devices will have a screen that is slightly bigger than what is presently being provided to the users of current Blackberry handsets. There was also a rumor a few days ago that this new device would be christened Blackberry X10. RIM (Research In Motion) has already made the official announcement that the N-Series smartphone will be called the Blackberry X10.

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