HTC Working On Windows 8 Flagship Phone

HTC is working on a new device that is a high end phone that will go on sale during Christmas.  This new phone will look like the HTC One and also sport the GDR3 update for the Windows 8. This brand new phone will also sport Qualcomm chips and have a display screen that is 5 inches and more. The resolution of this phone is 1080p and this indicates that the phone will display a larger display than the current 4.7 inch screen on the HTC One.


There are reports that this new device will have a metal body. The phone will also have the Beats Audio feature and the users are able to get the Ultra Pixel camera technology of the phone. This device is expected to announce this autumn. There are plans where the company has cancelled its plans to discover the rival Android phones that have high resolution displays. This phone supports a resolution that is till 1280×720 and 1280X 768. The GDR3 update is one that is expected at the end of this year. There is some hope that major improvements further will be made by the company by the time the device is released this year.

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