HTC Vivid: The First AT&T Smartphone Device

The new HTC vivid is a device which is a new addition to the smart phones. It is the one of the handsets that has been enabled with 4G LTE network. The essential eye catching features of this phone are the display and processor of the phone along with an enhanced camera, although the phone’s design is a little bland. The phone has a black glossy plastic material along with a rounded corner design feels not up to the mark in the age of other great and attractive looking smart phones in the market.

The measurement of the phone is 5.07x 2.64x 0.44.  But given the large display of 4.5 inches the phone does not look that large. It weighs only about 6.24 ounces, which is quite heavier than other smart phones which have been manufactured by Samsung or Motorola. The resolution of the display is 540 x 960. The display is one of the excellent ones to be found in the other smart phones that are available in the market now. The visuals of the phone are sharp and bright along with the color reproduction which is quite precise and brilliant. HTC has placed a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, under the hood.

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