HTC Sensation 4G Vulnerable To Death Grip

Last summer the iPhone 4 by AT&T faced the same fate and now it is the turn of The HTC Sensation 4G. The HTC smartphone is one that is vulnerable to a certain grip that affects Wi-Fi and Bluetooth strength. These death grip issues were discovered after a number of experiments were conducted on the phone.

"HTC Sensation 4G"

The above experiments and tests were conducted by Nordic Hardware and they demonstrate that the device tends to lose its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signal strength when it is held in a particular manner. This was ascertained when the device was tested with the aid of a measuring application that determines signal strength along with certain audio applications. In fact, when the device is placed on the palm of the hands of the user this loss is very substantial and the quantum of strength that is lost varies from 20 to 30 dBm in the case of connection speeds. There are rumors of the phone being very similar to the HTC EVO 3D and there are fears if the device also suffers from the same ordeal or not. Currently there are no news of the same and the above needs to be verified before it is certain that the device faces the same issue or not.


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