HTC Rezound Review

New technologies keep coming at the speed of light and therefore phone makers are looking into the future where they can create better smartphones that can improve the overall mobile experience. So far the LTE technology has received some positive response but if you take a look at LTE smartphones there are only few smartphones in this category including Motorola RAZR, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Rezound. HTC has been working hard on Rezound to make it the first smartphone with Ice Cream Sandwich operating system but at the moment HTC Rezound comes with regular Android Gingerbread.

HTC Rezound Hardware

To make some lasting impression on the users, HTC has tried to load HTC Rezound with some of the best features that LTE smartphones have. The smartphone is loaded with 1.5GHz dual core Qualcomm MSM8660 processor, Adreno 220 GPU, and 1GB RAM that can elevate the performance of this smartphone when compared with any other LTE phone in the same range. The smartphone also comes with internal space of 16GB and included 16GB storage card. However, by adding too many hardware in the phone HTC has made it one of the thickest LTE phone in the market which is disappointing.

HTC Rezound Display

HTC Rezound comes with 4.3 inch screen which has a good capacitive touchscreen. Hence, users will feel that the screen resolution is great and all the pictures are sharp and crisp. The Super LCD Panel on HTC Rezound might not seem like a great idea initially but the screen definitely beats the Retina Display on Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2. This is because HTC Rezound comes with better pixel density that can beat any other smartphone in the same range.

HTC Rezound Battery Life

HTC Rezound comes with 1620 mAh battery and therefore you will not get some great battery performance. The new HTC Rezound will provide you with the best features and options and you can even enjoy 4 hours of movies on it but you will need to make sure that you charge it all the time as the battery performance is not that great. However, if you are not using the smartphone for movies and videos then you will find that the battery last for more than 12 hours and you can handle all your emails, social networking updates and other small tasks without any problems.

HTC Rezound Software

HTC Rezound comes with Android 2.3.4 installed on it and combined with HTC Sense 3.5. Although, Rezound looks very much like HTC Rhyme, HTC Rezound has more traditional looks to it. HTC has tried to incorporate all their basic functions to the HTC Rezound rather than trying different new features to it. HTC Rezound does not sport a bigger clock and the signature clock is back in action.

HTC Rezound Camera

The all new HTC Rezound has 8 megapixel camera which has dual LED flash and 28mm wide angle lens to ensure that all the pictures are great. The camera also has continuous autofocus to make sure that none of the moments are missed out. The pictures are great but when compared with Samsung Galaxy S2 it does not make an impression. Hence, there is still something missing in the pictures clicked from HTC Rezound. However, there are features that can help users to adjust their sharpness, contrast and saturation which can deliver some amazing results. The camera also has panorama mode where you can take different smaller pictures to combine them together and make it a bigger picture. However, the camera does not work well in low light conditions.


HTC has really loaded HTC Rezound with some of the best features that they can think of but it certainly needs a little bit more enhancement to make it perfect. The display and performance of the phone is great but what really disappoints is the battery performance. Hence, HTC will have to look into this for now to come up with better models in the future.

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