HTC Promises Fix For One X Wi-Fi Issue

HTC has acknowledge that its recent launch the HTC One X flagship mobilephone has issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. The Taiwanese phone maker has stated that is will fix the issue soon and users do not have to worry. The company has admitted that there are a number of HTC One X mobile devices released in Europe that have Wi-Fi issues. They confirmed that a fix is coming soon to all handset owners.

The company is also intending to ship a new consignment of mobile phones without the bug issue that is also being circulated as the death grip issue. The above was first revealed on the internet last week. A spokesperson of the company has stated that the Wi-Fi connectivity issue will be fixed. The company has intended to fix the antennae connection points and strengthen the area around which the Wi-Fi connectivity will work. It also stated that there are several customers who have not experienced issues with the signal strength however the company has decided to take immediate steps to resolve the issue and implement a permanent solution in its production process. The company also stated that it is committed to making every experience of the customer a good one and it regrets and apologizes to them for the inconvenience caused due to the wi-fi connectivity issue.

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