HTC Phones Renamed Before Launch

HTC has always been keen and innovative while producing cell phones. They have always made it a point that one cam find the best phone under their banner so that they are able to get hold of the largest share in the consumer market. The latest innovation by them is in the anticipation of some what that. HTC has produced a lot of new phones but now it does not have anything new. They have just re-christened some the existing phones in their banners.

They are renaming the upcoming hones in their line. . HTC Edge is now going to be called One X and the HTC Ville is going to be called One S. both of these phones are anticipated to be the best among the lines of smart phones that are available in the market now. Both the phones are going to be catered to the common public some time in the middle of the year 2012. Except for the names that smart phones are going to remain unchanged, thus people need not be confused that twith the names they will witness a product which is completely different. Thus people are waiting for the phones wholeheartedly but should not expect many changes in the soft wares.

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