HTC One X To Hit Markets Soon

Recent reports have confirmed that the HTC One X has passed through the FCC and has started getting its accessories. When a handset gets through the FCC that generally takes a month to many weeks the release of the device takes place very soon. This means that the HTC One X is likely to hit markets in April.

Before the HTC One X got its name as it was first referred to as the HTC Edge and the HTC Endeavor. The documents that have been issued by the FCC reveal that the HTC One X will come with a quad core processor and it is reported to be an international version that supports the AT & T’s HSPA and spectrum. This dual core LTE version of the phone is said to be the international version that supports the above.

The documents were filed in early March and the online UK retailer Clove is taking pre-orders for the phone, HTC One has not yet specified a release date so far. The retailer is also selling the accessories of the phone. These phone accessories include a media dock, desktop cradle, hard shells and speakers and a car dock. The stock is expected to hit markets in April when the phone arrives in the market.

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