Htc One S Will Be Released On The Network Of T-Mobile On 22nd April

Earlier discussion was made on the rumor of sprint’s version of HTC One X. but today things have been changed the company has brought out another device HTC One S. the newspaper journal has brought out with another news. The news state that they have a web document in their hand that demonstrate the release date of HTC One S. THIS One S will get release on the network of T-Mobile in April 22nd.

In order to know the truth more keenly you can have a look on the image in which a caption is mention and in the caption, it has been written that “sell the HTC One S on launch day”. Hence, if it is genuine then it is doomed for acquaintances or trade employees. The date, which is mentioned in the above paragraph, falls on Sunday. Generally, Sunday is a peculiar day for a phone like HTC to be launch. Might you do not know that the carter has already release the mobile phone on Sunday, hence it is not peculiar.

HTC One X AND One V will be available in Asia from April 22. Therefore, the rumor of launching the phone in 22nd might be possible. You might have same opinion like me that T-Mobile could use a brand new phone as soon as it can. Samsung galaxy S Blaze 4G IS GOOD, but we consider that people will give more preference to One S. when One S will launch then that will be the most dominant phone on the career of T-Mobile. Samsung One S consists of 4.3-inch qHD AMOLDED display, 1.5 GHz dual core processor, 8-megapixel rear camera any many more to add.

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