HTC One Gold Now provide in UK

The citizen of the UK should be happy because HTC One Gold now provide in their country. Few days before HTC Company have just declared their HTC One Golden version. There have no doubts that this real Gold plated Smartphone has been appeared with impact applications, simple process and modest way. Those are thoroughly waiting for the launching time and cannot hold them to feel enjoyment to use this Gold plated handset it is a good news for them that this HTC One gold version now available in UK.  But this news will help those consumers who are living in UK. So getting this opportunity you will have to be in their.


Customer can able to buy this handset from the mobile store and they will get the fresh gadgets with comfortable prices. Starting price money is £29 for 2 years. HTC One Gold is really a flagship handset which is little bit similar to the actual in every other part. Large 4.7- inch touch screen display offers up the standard UltraPixel Camera with high resolution. It is powered by 1.7 GHz quad-core processor and comes backed by 2GB and 32GB RAM. Users can get 4.3 Jelly Bean Operating System from this handset. So do not waste your time just go and buy it.

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