HTC One Dual SIM Arriving In UK Soon!

HTC is again in the news! It is releasing the dual SIM HTC One in the UK soon. This is the 2013 flagship phone that made waves in the market. The new device is ready to woo audiences with an expandable memory up to 64 GB and it also has a micro SD slot. This phone is going to be a budget phone as apart from the above two features and the dual SIM compatibility there is nothing worth mentioning in the device.




The dual sim feature will help users carry one phone. At times it is hard to manage two devices and juggle with calls. The convenience of one single device makes it much easier. This phone also comes equipped with a complete HD screen and a Snapdragon S600 processor. The phone also has 2GB RAM and a complete 4.7 inch screen with a effective UltraPixel camera. The good news is that if you are already interested in the phone the pre-orders are on. You can visit the HTC site and pre-order the device that will be shipped to you once launched in the nation. So, if you are looking for a new dual sim phone you can go in for the above device and use it without the hassles of handling two phones.

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