HTC J Enters Hong Kong

After being inspired by the HTC X One Series, the HTC J- a fresh new offering by the company has reached the Hong Kong market. It is different from the HTC X One series of phone models launched across the globe. It sports a bar phone model with round edges and available red, black and white for mobile enthusiasts.

Like all the HTC phones unveiled recently this device has the HTC Sense combined with the Android Operating System 4.0 to render a smooth surfing experience. There is a touch of disappointment in the phone as the Jelly Bean platform is conspicuously absent. This is unexpected for a smartphone of this caliber.

According to the Country Manager of HTC for Hong Kong and Macau , Terry Chung stated that this device is one that sports exceptional quality and design. It renders the user an outstanding look and feel. For those customers who are searching for high quality and the ultimate sound, music and picture experience this device is the ideal one for them. The company however has not yet disclosed the release date and the price of the HTC J. It is anticipated that these details will be released soon by the company.

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