HTC Is On Revival Path, Squares May 2013 Revenue to May 2012 Revenue

Now it all seems that HTC has finally been able to reverse the way of downfall.  Recent reports has confirmed this revival first by quoting an unofficial source that HTC One had sold  over 5 million units since its launch in March. HTC’s official information about the monthly financial review says that there is a 48% increase in revenue for May compared to April. The revenue received in May this year has made it comparable to the revenue received in May last year. The total revenue for May has been confirmed as  $969.6 million,  which just 3.35% down compared to the same month last year. This huge revenue is quite significant and it is a clear sign of the reversal, considering the fact that HTC was seeing nearly 50% year on year decrease in revenue in the previous months.

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The revenue for the January-May period is $3.06 billion, about $1.4 billion from Q1 and  more than $1.6 billion for only in April and May.

Previously it was reported that delay in HTC One is cost dear to the company as it was thought from the first quarter report that it had already missed the market due to delay. But the scenario has changed significantly. Now  HTC should be able to meet its Q2 projection of $2.3 billion in revenue. It can even surpass it if the increase in sales volume further in June.

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