HTC First, Facebook Phone & Other Issues Makes HTC Product Chief Quit

The product chief of HTC Kouji Kodera has quit the company amid many problems currently being faced by the company. HTC is now in many problems and Peter Chou needs to tackle them one by one. The Company has faced betrayal by Facebook and the budget Facebook phone is a failure. Recently there was an exodus of prominent staff in the market and now thanks to its current woes it is now being dominated by Samsung in the market. This means HTC is now in a position that can be one of its worst.


The main reason for the company to be in the pitfalls today has a lot to do with the failure of its flagship mobile the HTC First. This phone is one that promised to be one of the best selling phones of the company on its launch but unfortunately the company was not lucky enough and the phone bombed on launch. The sales figure of this widely anticipated phone was so poor that now the Company is calling this phone a complete disaster. This is a major setback for the company. The Company later lost most of its prominent staff with them joining other companies. This leaves HTC is deep soup and it really needs to recover soon!

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