HTC Evo Design 4G: Addition to the budget phones of the sprint network

The new HTC Evo design is said to be the tiniest phone in the network of the Sprint 4G line. Similar to the other HTC phones this too is an epitome of dexterity. The design of the phone is quite high end, with the steel face and the rubber backings the phone is good to look at and easy to hold as well.

The display screen of the phone is 4 inch with a WVGA display. In order to get access to the battery or the Micro SD card slot one needs to remove a small black panel which has been placed at the bottom half of the phone. The processor of the phone is 1.2 GHz single core Snap dragon. One can use almost all the apps and play all the games very easily and with out much inconvenience.

This is a dual band phone that means it supports both CDMA and GSM network connections with ease. The Evo Design runs on the 2.3.4 version of the Android‘s Ginger bread. This HTC phone uses a 3.0 user interface technology as well. This version of the HTC phone has both the rear and front facing camera incorporated in its handset.

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