HTC Desire Gets The Android 2.3 ROM

If you are an owner of a HTC Desire, there is good news that awaits you and that is that now the device gets a faster speed ROM that gives you quick booting time and the advantages to download applications on your phone without hassles.

"HTC Desire"

The HTC Desire has now been endowed with the Gingerbread 2.3 ROM and now users can get the advantages of great speed and better power management. The handset now has the ability to download applications at speeds that are instant and faster. The 2.3 Android ROM is not an official ROM update and this is the reason why it requires the user installing it at his/her own risk. The ROM has been designed by XDA Developers Forum and this is why it carries the above warning that it usually issues to all its product launches.

If you are the owner of an HTC Desire you will have to know more about the internals of the handset in order to get the update. Once installed in your mobile you will be able to get the benefits of blazing speed. The booting time will also be instant. The ROM will not have the HTC Sense however that hardly matters with the added benefits that you will be getting with the above update.

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