HTC 7 Pro To Hit Germany In January 2011.

The HTC 7 Pro that has been launched in fall this year will reach the German service provider O2 in the month of January next year. This has been stated in the product page of the company and the phone is going to deploy the GSM platform when the phone is launched. The phone will give the user the advantages of the QWERTY keyboard and will also sport a 3.6 inch screen with a 800×480 display. The phone will also sport a Snapdragon chip of 1GHZ with a 5MP camera.

The mobile carrier Sprint will be getting this new phone under the CDMA technology but it has not yet been ascertained on whether this version of the phone will arrive in the month of January. The news of O2 getting the phone during the same period did not confirm about Sprint getting the phone at around the same time. The HTC 7 Pro is also anticipated to be released in the UK at around the same time too.

This phone is widely anticipated by mobile users worldwide and Microsoft is of the positive opinion that the model is going to be a hit with mobile consumers all over the world. The phone is anticipated to be a popular choice for many users across the world.

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