Higher Sales Expected with iPhone 6

There has been a craze of iphone 6 in the market since it is first rumored to release in the market. With the time the excitement regarding iPhone 6 has increased. Experts have been expecting a higher sales rate for the iPhone 6. It should increase by 20 % percent from last iPhone 5s. The stage is already set for the launch of iPhone 6. Previously it is rumored to be launch on September. Now news has come that it may be launch on August.




It is not certain that how the sales of iPhone 6 will be increased. Apple Inc has not revealed its sales model yet. The difference in sales between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s is not clear even. At the end of December, 2013 the sales of iPhone 6 has gone up by just 6.7%. It is just the numbers of last quarter. The growth rate of the market for iPhone is quite slowing now-a-days. However Apple Inc is expecting to revive their sales rate with the introduction iPhone 6 in the market.

According to the supplier iPhone 6 may come up with a higher display. It may help to increase the sales of this premium flagship product from the brand. The price tags associated with iPhone 6 must be higher by $ 20 to $ 30 as it includes superior camera and improved display. Apple Inc does not want to compromise with the product in order decrease its price. Iphone 6 will be a high end product that is made to cater the need of the buyers. iPhone 6 can be used as a symbol of price. Therefore the sales of the iPhone may increase.

There is no news of launching tablet in the market in the recent time. It may also help to increase the sales of the iPhone 6. There is saturation in the field of iPads as well. There has been prediction that a decrease of 1 percent in the sales can be seen in the market of iPad. There may be decrease in sales as well as in wearable gadgets and i-Watch.

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