Hardware Issues Hit Sony Ericsson Arc

There is bad news for Sony Ericsson and that is the set has been severely affected with hardware issues. Of late users have complained about cracks appearing on the set just after a couple of months after using the set. These cracks have appeared just below and above the light sensor that is above the Sony Ericsson mobile branding. There are many customers who claimed that they would not intentionally damage their sets and some even faced this issue when the handset was placed in a protective case. There are also complaints that these cracks are coming back within weeks of being repaired.

"Sony Ericsson Arc"

It is obvious that many of the customers are disappointed and have vowed never to buy a Sony Ericsson set again. It was the functionality and the design of the set that attracted them towards to the set.

A spokesperson of the brand stated that the company is aware of the issue and the damage is unlikely to affect the overall performance of the set.  He stated that customers can call 08705 237 237 for complaints. Whatever be the case, this is going to be a major setback for the brand and people will take some time before they opt for a Sony Ericsson today.

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