Google Forced To Postpone Android Event

Google has been forced to postpone its Android event for the 29th October due to Hurricane Sandy. There has been a threat issued to the US coast by the said Hurricane forcing Google to postpone the launch event by the search engine giant. The Company had been expected to make an announcement of its latest mobile and Nexus devices at this event. There were also rumors of the company announcing improvements to the Android Jelly Bean operating system platform. The event was scheduled to take place at 10am at New York ET.

The Hurricane is all set to hit the east coasts and Google thinks its better to be safe than sorry. The Company as of now has not issued any announcements as to when this said event will take place at a later date. Google released a brief statement where it declared it was canceling the event scheduled for Monday morning in New York due to Hurricane Sandy. This statement further said the company will let the public know on which date the event will take place. Till now there have been no official reports on the date. Till then lets keep our fingers crossed and hope the event is conducted soon!

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