Get Vivacious With T-Mobile

The latest android phone launched by the makers of T-Mobile to its UK customers is the budget android phone according to them. Modestly priced the “Vivacity” is sure to catch the attention of most of the people other than tech geeks.

T-Mobile has launched its own brand which is an android based cell phone, which is actually aimed to attract the low budget customers in the UK markets. The T-Mobile has nick named its latest creation as Vivacity. It runs on Ginger Bread 2.3 version of Android.

The phone is very much moderately priced and it is quite stylish to look at too with its black or white encasing. The phone has incorporated a 3.5 inch screen along with a 5.0 mega pixel camera it also has a built n GPS functionality and support for up to 32 GB Micro SD cards.

The makers have claimed that it gives every thing that one expects from a smart phone. It offers the latest Android technology ad soft ware, with a large and high resolution touch screen display and a superb design. It actually is perfect for its premium and out of the world performance. The phone is worth buying as it gives great value for money.

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