Get Dell Venue 8 Pro under $99

According to the new update of short news has been delivered that people could get Dell Venue Pro 8 for $99. In this year there is a short-time offer that people can easily buy this Dell device for $99. It was a really a blast news for those who love to use tablet but cannot afford for the reason of high price but the Dell Venue 8 Pro were available in the market with $99 in yesterday.


This is a quite obvious that for Dell Venue 8 Pro that it is a stunning deal forever. But there have some tricks and that is this deal or offer as not applicable for any byres. Only 20 people could use this offers. That means the first 20 people who had first reached in the Microsoft store they could get this 8 inch tablet with $99 price. 8 inches tablet which is powered by Intel Atom Processor and available with a full Windows 8.1 provide with only $99 for first 20 people and it was just a lucky draw offer. Last Monday morning, people got this tablet with $99 price from online. Company did not have the huge collection of this device with this offer price. They had only 100 gadgets are available with $99.

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