Galaxy Nexus’s Volume Glitch

Many people have long been anticipating the release of the Galaxy Nexus. However, some users have reported issues with the phone. Specifically, a hardware bug appears to make the phone change the volume automatically. This glitch occurs when the Galaxy Nexus is in close proximity to another mobile phone that is making a call using the 900 MHz GSM band. The Galaxy Nexus does not have an appropriate amount of shielding. The interference is causing the Galaxy Nexus to automatically dial down the volume button of the handset.

Some have determined some solutions which temporarily solve the issue. For instance, running the Galaxy Nexus in only 3G is a possible remedy. While this can be helpful, for many Galaxy Nexus users it simply is not feasible. In many places 3G coverage is not good.

A fix for this issue has been released by partners Samsung and Google. However, not all users of the first smartphone to feature Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich have received the update. This update is known as ITL41F. Installing the update is quite simple with the file measuring 960 kb. It is installed through a delayed restart. Many users notice that several applications on the Galaxy Nexus are optimized following the installation. However, there were no perceivable differences.

Some Galaxy Nexus owners weren’t patient enough to wait for the fix to be released. Some owners tried to fix it on their own. This fix involved unlocking the bootloader and entering some commands. This fix did cause the Samsung Galaxy to be completely wiped. Samsung did stop shipment of the Galaxy Nexus so that the fix could be applied to the mobile devices. While Samsung and Google have not definitively expressed what the exact issue is, there is speculation that the problem is either a software issue or a flaw in the phone’s hardware.

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