Fairphone- A Principled Smartphone

The very conception of the Fairphone has created a humdrum in the market. Proclaimed to be an ‘ethical Smartphone’, the Fairphone available for 325 Euros was launched in London last week where more than 15,000 people has placed their orders and ironical to its proclaimed ‘ethical’ nature; the Dutch designer Bas van Abel says that the project is a huge gamble and undertaking an ethical business is far from easy.


However the gamble can be said to have undertaken for a noble purpose because it is stated that this phone has avoided using materials from conflict zones and has even avoided the poor labour practices. Instead it has is built upon the concept of coffee and banana “fair-trade” industry.

The model of this Fairphone hasn’t got much difference in its looks when compared to its competitors (Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy). However the designers assure that there is a huge difference. The phone is designed with a less energy hungry nature is also easily recyclable.

However it is shocking that though justifying being moral, the company is reluctant to give away the handsets for a cheap price and even for free as a part of the network deal (Vodafone and Dutch group KPN). However they justify their thought saying that if the handsets are made cheap it would be disposed without a second thought and Abel’s hopes for creating a new business model would be defeated.

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