Facebook phone?

Rumors leaked that Facebook is planning to develop a mobile phone under its own brand. Facebook will sign a contract with a manufacturer, which will be responsible for thehardware and the social network itself will be responsible for the software.
And, of course, the phone will offer integration with Facebook, up to the feature, that calls will be done from the Facebook account, and not from the phone number.

According to the source, the ”Facebook phone” could compete with such models as Google Nexus One and Apple iPhone.

Currently the project is still an early stage, and the release time is unknown.It is also unknown what kind of plans would be available: , unlimited, prepaid, pay as you go phone plans… only time will tell!

As for the phone manufacturer, it may be, for example, INQ or HTC.

However, as Facebook commented, they doesn’t work on a phone of their brand, although they are working on closer integration of its software with mobile phones.

For example, already exists INQ1 phone with enhanced support for the social network, which is sometimes even called a Facebook Phone.

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