Enjoy The Benefits Of iPhone 4 Twelve South BookBook Feature

The iPhone 4 has yet again received another creation-The Twelve South BookBook that is a miniature case that looks like a book. This case will help users carry things that they generally carry in their wallet along with the iPhone 4.

The unique feature of this wallet is that it will replace the traditional iPhone case and wallet. The user can keep the device safe as there are no frames over the phjone. All the ports and the buttons of the mobile phone are accessible and one can also listen to music while the mobile is in the BookBook case.

"iPhone 4"

According to Andrew Green, the Creative Director at Twelve South this case is a unique one as it offers the benefits of a phonebook and a check book in a single package. The unique case had been designed for the purpose and at the same time it helps the user access the phone device without hassles. The wallet also has dual slots for debit and credit cards with a vertical pocket that also has the ability to keep business cards, cash and receipts. This wallet is available at the Apple Store and it can be conveniently bought at $59.99 only.

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