Dying Issues Found With Sony Xperia Z

There is bad news in store for Sony! The recently launched Sony Xperia Z is now suffering from phone issues. The complaints are frequent and users have posted on forums online. The Company has taken the above into consideration and has promised a solution. We just need to wait and watch to see what it does!


For no apparent reason this phone is dying. The phone cannot be switched on normally. In some cases users have to long press the power and the volume button of the device to restart. Now this is working for some users but not for all. No one is aware on the particular cause of this issue but customers are unhappy. The worst part is there is no warning before the phone switches off and customers have no idea of what is happening.

Sony has taken note of this and it promises to resolve the issue soon. This promise of the Company has been made on a forum and the possible solution looks like Sony will come out with a software upgrade to resolve the issue. The Company needs to do something fast if it does not want to lose customer loyalty and compete with the likes of its competitors.

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