Despite New Product Releases, Samsung Mobile Sales Fall Lower Than Usual

New products have been launched in the market from the brand of Samsung in the month of April. However it has been seen that the sales of Samsung phones have dropped by 4 %. The company is also going through a down phase as well. This recent dip is seen as a first in the recent fifth quarters of sales of the brand Samsung.



The new line of Samsung Galaxy smart phones have helped them to chart to the top in recent years. The company has flourished from all quarters. Samsung Galaxy has helped to knock out their rival Nokia as well. Nokia has cleared out the market as the sales of the Samsung sky rocketed. Samsung galaxy series has helped them to be biggest mobile phone maker in the world. Samsung is still holding its position in the market despite the sales drop.

The competition in the market is one of the main reasons behind the drop of sales. It has forced the brand to lower the prices of their flagship products. It is affecting the profit of the brand as well. Sources have disclosed that there may be a further dip in the sales of the brand in recent time. The demand of smart phones has slowed down in the market. Samsung is trying to boost the market with the new products. However they are unable to see the ray of light in this doom.

It is also seen that Samsung is losing the market to Chinese competitors. Chinese mobile phones are emerging in the market with quality devices at lower price. These mobile phones are filled with innovative features.  The brand of Samsung is totally dependent on the sales of the mobile phones for making profits. 76 % of their profit comes from the mobile phone market. These new players are affecting the sales of the brand.

There are also old players like Apple and Nokia. The brand of Samsung also has to compete with them in order to stay in the field. Apple Inc is applying new strategies in order to compete with Samsung. They are increasing the sales of iPhone through China Mobile Ltd. It is creating a huge impact in the market.

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