Delay in HTC One costs HTC dear, profit drops to record low in Q1

HTC profit has dipped by more than 98% compared to the same period last year; a recent audit has revealed this shocking story. The preliminary result of this Taiwanese mobile manufacturing giant reveals that HTC included some preliminary Q1 results in its monthly financial report and the numbers aren’t looking good.  HTC had a disastrous last year, particularly the second half. This year it hoped that it could turn table reverse by its new products, but due to some difficulties in manufacturing has delayed the launch and hence the supply. Till now only three countries viz. UK, Taiwan and Germany saw the launch on time.

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Report says HTC’s net profit in the first quarter of 2013 has been just $2.8 million which is a whopping 98% drop compared to the same quarter in the last year. The report also says that net revenue for Q1 2013 dropped by 37% to $1.4 billion.

It is expected that HTC’s sales volume will see a significant improvement in the second quarter because of the HTC One and the recently launched Facebook phone – the HTC First. HTC First is intended mainly to those more than 1 billion people who are simply addicted to Facebook.HTC First also included a Facebook-made launcher called Home.

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