Contact Application-GIST Purchased By Blackberry

There was a point of time in the past when the Blackberry helped users to still be at work and keep track of what is going on when they were away at their desks. The advent of the Android, the iPhone and the other Smartphones changed all that and Blackberry had to struggle for market space due to competition. Now the Canadian based mobile manufacturer has decided to come back into action with a new application so that mobile lovers throng to have it!


RIM has announced that it has purchased GIST that is a startup email application that allows you to keep track of what they are doing. This does not mean that customers will rush to be owners of this new version but this application can increase the number of applications that RIM will provide to customers in the future. The brand has not yet laid down the terms of its purchase and it also did not mention on whether this application is going to be pre-installed on the Blackberry phones that is going to be released in the future. The GIST application is one that is going to provide its expertise in offering customers a streamlined and conceptualized view of their contacts on the Blackberry operating platform.

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