Competitor To 3D LG Optimus To Be Launched Later This Year

One of the best brands of mobile phones is HTC and this is the reason why mobile phone lovers across the globe look forward to the launch of new mobile devices from this brand. HTC is currently devising and working on a new 3D Smartphone that will be revealed sometime this year. This new competitor to the phone is one that is going to be lighter, cheaper and thinner than its predecessor. This phone is going to be available at the end of this year. There are some sources that have specified that this phone is one that may be ready by this summer. The date of the launch of the phone has not yet been announced as of now.

"3D LG Optimus"

There is however no information about the hardware that is going to be launched for the phone. There is a huge assumption that the device is going to be based on the Android operating system. If these reports are confirmed there are chances that this device is one that will be on show at the America CTIA trade show that will be held at Florida. It is anticipated that more information on this Smartphone will be revealed there. There is also the possibility of an official announcement being made for this phone too!


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