Competition for Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Smart phones are the flagship product for the customer. It is a brand with unique qualities. In comparison to various smart phones from the other brands like Motorola and Nokia, it is the best available product in the market. The trade analysts are watching closely to detect any weakness from the brand of Samsung Galaxy S4. It has scored a great profit in recent times through the shipment of the product in various country of the world. But the other companies from Europe and United States of America are contending with Samsung Galaxy S4 with their smart phones and smart watches.



Apple iPhone5 is the biggest contender of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Apple iPhone5 is launched in the market in order to give a tough competition. Apple iPhone5 has also started shipment of their product in order to increase the amount of profit. Apple iPhone5 has captured the China’s market with this strategy. The value of the shares for the brand Samsung is down by $11 billion.

The size of the Samsung Galaxy is a problem for many users. Women prefer smaller smart phones as they fit in their hands perfectly. They prefer to use the smart phones with the single hand. Apple iPhone5 is smaller and lighter for the benefit of the user. The glossy plastic design of the Samsung Galaxy can be modified with the premium metallic look. Privacy of your mobile is better protected with the Apple iPhone5.

The size of the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be considered as it has a long battery life for the benefit of the customer. The display of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is much better than iPhone5. It has a 441 pixel per inch in comparison to the 326 pixel per inch. The camera quality of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is much higher than iPhone5. The Samsung Galaxy S4 can capture more details in the picture while taking moving images. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with the expandable memory which is beneficial for the user.

These features make Samsung galaxy S4 a great contender in the market. It is a premium product for the customer.

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