Christmas sees Apple and Google reach a new zenith

The 25th of December 2011 witnessed a record which was not even thought of before. The people reverted from television sets to their mobile by downloading stuff and doing a lot of phone activations. The mark of phone activation reached in a single day was 6.8 million. This was mainly due to the reason that the people started equipping their new mobiles and tablets that they had received as presents for Christmas. Almost all of them switched away from their favorite soap and got in to the internet to get the phone apps and down load stuff for them selves.

It has been estimated that around 3.7 million devices which functioned on the Google’s Android operating systems, have been switched on for the very first time on Christmas and Christmas Eve. It has been also seen that Android has found 700,000 users on each of these days on an average. The mark of 6.8 million has been given by the sources of Flurry. They feel that Apple had been in use more than the smart phones or tablets manufactured by Samsung or HTC. According to them, Apple was a clear and undoubted winner in this case. Flurry has predicts that in this season of holidays that mark is going to reach new horizons.

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