Cheap iPhone 5 To Hit Markets In June-July

There is good news for iphone 5 enthusiasts and this is a cheaper version of the handset is going to be launched soon. Analysts have revealed that a cheaper plastic version of the iphone 5 may enter markets this year. The production of the phone it is anticipated may begin this June. This was stated by Peter Misek analyst at Jefferies and Company. This model will approximately cost about half the price of the present Apple iphone 5 available in the market. Apple also has plans to launch a cheaper version of the iphone 5S this year in June-July.

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It has been claimed that the new phone that is a budget version would cost approximately 330 dollars. This phone has been priced to target the middle class consumers in nations like China and its adjoining regions.

According to Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge specific reliable sources informed him that the brand new model will sport a retina display and also feature a brand new lightening connector for charging and syncing of Apple. It has been stated that Apple is all set to launch a new iphone 5S along with an enhanced camera at its rear panel tentatively in the month of July.

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