Nokia Lumia 830 has come up with Microsoft Mobile Branding

Microsoft mobile branding will be shown in the new Nokia Lumia 830. It will be launched in the market from the flagship of the brand as a mid ranged mobile device. It has been introduced by the Finnish company. The branding of the Microsoft mobile will be used inside the phone. Mobile enthusiasts all over […]

Nokia Lumia 930 Features

The Lumia 930 is a high-end smartphone from Nokia which offers both powerful performance and really goods cameras. It could become the best smartphone in the market which runs on Windows phone OS. Although it is not released yet, we share the expected features and specifications of this smartphone below.   The Lumia 930 is […]

Nokia Lumia 630 Makes an Appearance in Greece

After the worldwide release of Nokia Lumia 630, it has kept up with the rapid roll-out arriving in Greece. It can be purchased from the three chief carriers of the country. It is now available for purchase on Cosmote, Wind and Vodafone. The handset has created a worldwide buzz since its inception and in Greece, […]

Nokia Lumia 2520 lands on the Surface in Australian next week

Finally Nokia Lumia 2520 will be introduced in the Australian market. The online sales of the product will begin from 5th May. This premium flagship product from the brand of Nokia may go on sales in the stores from 18th May. The customer is eagerly waiting for the launch of this product as it has […]

Nokia X: The ‘So-Called’ Android Offering That Will Make Some Noise

Nokia X is one of the most awaited mobile handset of the year. It is recently launched in the market. It is once scarped as the Microsoft has taken over the project. It is rumored to be launched from Nokia six months back. The rumor has come true at last with the Nokia launching their […]

Nokia announces Lumia 930 for Windows Phone 8.1

Nokia has announced its latest flagship products Nokia Lumia 930 for Windows Phone 8.1. It is one of the best windows phone available in market that comes with various wonderful features. It will have 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor. This news is revealed from an authentic source.   Nokia Lumia 930 is about to open […]

The Mobile Creek – 2

The mobile creek 2 includes news about many different phones on the website. The latest news is on Sony Experia and Nokia X. The Nokia X phone is known to be providing Google services. The Nokia X was launched earlier in 2014 and had a huge response. It is solely based on an Android platform. […]

The Nokia Lumia 630 will leave an impression for quite a long time

The mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 630 has been given the nick name of Moneypenny. The all new mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 630 is expected to be launched at a glitzy event in the Microsoft Build Developer Conference in the year of two thousand and fourteen most possibly in the month of April. The […]

The Nokia Asha 220 is expected to shine among all others

The mobile phone of Nokia Asha 220 is really one of a kind. The mobile phone of Nokia Asha  220  is said to be launched at the Mobile World Congress and has already created a wave in the markets all over the world. The mobile phone of Nokia Asha 220 will be available more or […]

View the latest pictures of the Nokia Lumia 630

The EVleaks on the Twitter has come up with information as well as images on the new Nokia Lumia 630 smart phone. The images came up with visuals that showed the on screen buttons in a clear manner and which definitely indicates the Windows phone 8.1. The smart phone of Nokia Lumia 630 will be […]

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