LG Isai FL now spotted in pink

It has been confirmed from an authentic source that LG Isai FL is coming with a flagship product. It is a G3 flagship product from the Japanese counterpart of the company. With this new phone it may be possible to have an ensemble of pretty pink that can be accompanied with this pink device. It […]

LG G Pad 8.3 Priced At £259.99 In UK

LG has disclosed that the latest tablet of the Company the LG G Pad 8.3 will be arriving in the market during Christmas and it will have a retail price at £259.99. Till date there is no exact date that has been given for the tablet to be released by the Company. If you consider […]

LG Vu 3 Revealed In South Korea With Add-On Features

The LG’s new Smartphone Vu 3 has been released with a new squarish look much like its forerunners in the range.  For now, the South Korean users are lucky to hands on this new device of LG, despite that no other details have came out for its availability in other part of the nation. As […]

LG To Host Mysterious Event On 7th August Possibly For Optimus G

LG is all set to launch an event on the 7th of August and there is anticipation that this event will be organized for the new Optimus G phone. This event will be hosted in New York City and people are awaiting this mysterious event by the company. This event may follow the recent teaser […]

LG To Dump “Optimus” From Smartphones

LG is now all set to drop the Optimus name from its range of smartphones due to it poor performance against competing with the other known brands of the smartphone market. This handset manufacturer is currently facing some hard times despite the fact that it has a number of real products in the market. The […]

LG Optimus All Set To Receive Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean On T-Mobile

LG has made an official announcement for its international version of the Optimus L9 back in the middle of March. The company has announced this update that will roll out instantly than we had last expected. Now there is an over the air update where the T-Mobile branded Optimus L9 is going to receive. There […]

LG Optimus L3 2 Brazil Release To Begin This Week

LG announced Optimus L3 2 to arrive at MWC earlier in this week. This device is set to come along with other new L-series devices such as L7 2. Apart from this no information has been reported for LG’s other device release. This Smartphone is ready to arrive into the shopping outlets of Brazil early […]

Pronounced LG Optimus L3II, L5II and L7II At MWC 2013 event

The LG is all set to release the Optimus L II series in an MWC event this season. With these three new Smartphone’s Optimus L3II, Optimus L5II and Optimus L7II, the company is now trying its fortune with this newest sequence. Even though, the specifications of L3II and L5II have not been revealed, but the […]

Specs Of LG Optimus G Pro Seeped Out

LG is introducing Optimus G Pro with a 5. 5-inch display screen that has been rumored to coming soon at some point rapidly along with the specs happen to be seemingly disclosed. The product presumably arrives with quite a few attractive functions. In a report stated by Phone Arena the Optimus G Pro probably reveal […]

Google Blamed For The Shortage of Nexus 4 By LG

Ever since its release in November, last year Google Nexus 4 has been listed as sold out on the internet. The Android operated smartphone is priced at £239 for an 8GB version or £279 for 16GB. This phone has been manufactured by LG the Korean firm. When asked about the shortage and stock issues LG […]

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