Cases Revealed before Launch of iPhone 6

In accordance to the rumors we can say that the iPhone 6 is one of the most projected Smartphone this year. It has been reported by mirror that the phone will release on 19th September this year whereas Mac has rumored that it will release on the third Friday of this September. But, whatever the date is, it is obvious that iPhone lovers will get a biggest launch this September. One of the most exciting elements of iPhone 6 which people are talking about is the screen of the phone. The screen dimensions of the iPhone 6 shown are 138 by 67 mm, in a leaked picture which is bigger than iPhone 5.



8917-326-mockup-140410-lApart from the screen size people are also expecting many new features in the phone. A rumor has leaked that the phone will have a very little or no bezel and many says that it will have a thinner and lighter chassis. The camera is expecting to be 10 megapixel and the storage option will be one of the biggest among all the iPhone which is 128 GB. There are many other exciting features which are enough to make the phone one of the best iPhone. It is just a matter of few days and the phone will be available to all the iPhone lovers.

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