The All New Black Berry BB10

The all new BB10-powered BlackBerry line-up has been revealed in the shape of the BlackBerry Milan. It has been designed to be the next generation phone which has incorporated a technology which is a notch higher.

The features of this phone are styled along the similar lines to the current Torch 9810, in that it’s rocking a full QWERTY keyboard that slides out from beneath a full touch screen.

Specs are very thin on the ground for the BlackBerry Milan, although Crack Berry is reporting the screen will come with a pixel density even sharper than the iPhone 4S.

The interesting thing to note in the design of the Blackberry Milan, as that touch screen or the keyboard chassis appears to be a little off-balance given the dimension of the display – one-handed interaction isn’t going to be that easy on a phone like this.

The operating system of the phone in this line is said to be based on QNX, the same as used in the Blackberry, but RIM is clearly hoping that its new range of phones will help propel it back to the front of the smart phone pack in the way it hasn’t managed in the tablet market as yet.

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