Cable TV Performance Evaluating

It is important for us to evaluate the performance of our cable TV. Why is it necessary that evaluation is needed for cable television providers? There were some customers who filed their complaints against a cable service provider due to their poor customer service. Not only they were relying on the customer service itself, but also on the packages they were selling. Some cable or satellite television packages were cheaper, but others are expensive.There is what we call criteria or judgment. It means that a service performed by any individual will be evaluated through a series of categories. For example, if you are a Biology teacher, you will be evaluated by various students about your performance. As a teacher, you will get results about your behavior, good grooming and the way you treat students inside the class. If you think the process can be applied with cable TV providers, it can be possible. They can simply rate the performance from highest to lowest.#1. Quality

One of the most important things you need to evaluate is quality. When it comes to quality, it refers to various things like reception, pricing and packaging. Cable TV reception is one of the highest priorities in the business. If the reception of your TV is very poor, you will mark it as the lowest. But if the reception was in high quality, there’s no doubt that you may rank the service into a higher one. The prices and packages are also included in this category.

#2. Customer Service Relationship

It is important that you should have a good relationship with the customer service employees. Once you are an official subscriber, you have the right to rate their service anytime. Customer service is really needed in case you have problems or suggestions about their service. Once you and the representative are talking to each other, try to monitor him or her in terms of treatment. If he or she treats you well, there’s no doubt you will give the company a higher rate.

#3. Turn Around Time (TAT)

For those of you who haven’t been familiar with this term, it’s quite simple. If the cable service providers can finish their task in a matter of time, there’s no doubt that you will give them a higher rating. For example, if one employee does not finish the job within 24 hours, it gives them a bad reputation. As a result, you will give them a bad rating like no other. Some of the services can take you a lot of time to wait, but commitment is way more important than the others. This is how you evaluate the performance of your cable TV provider.

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