Buy the new sensation: the new Nokia Lumia 930

According to sources which can be trusted many of the Nokia Lumia mobile phones will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in the year two thousand and fourteen. News is that along with them the all new mobile phone from the house of Nokia, the new Nokia Lumia 930 will also be unveiled. The new mobile phone will make its appearance along with the Nokia Lumia 630 and Nokia Lumia 635 and also Nokia Normandy or Nokia X. The Nokia Lumia 930 has been tagged to be the successor of the Nokia Lumia 920 smart phone.



There are speculations that there would be a 4.5 inches high definition screen display. The resolution found within the all new Nokia Lumia 930 would be 1920 in to 1080 pixels. There would be present a 2.2 Giga Hertz quad core processor in the all new Nokia Lumia 930. Moreover, the mobile phone would be proud to show off a two Giga byte of Random Access Memory. A few of the other important features of the all new mobile phone Nokia Lumia 930 include a 20 mega pixel camera. The Nokia Lumia 930 would also include a two thousand and seven hundred mAH battery. The new Nokia phone is rumored to have a sixteen Giga Byte of space for the purpose of storage. The space for storage can be increased by a micro SD card slot. There are plans in the pipeline on the part of the Nokia Company that it would come out with a two sim variety of the same mobile phone which will be named the Nokia Lumia 635. There will be the presence of a twenty mega pixel camera with pure view. The smart phone is alleged to have a 4 G connectivity. The Finnish company of Nokia will also unveil the new device at the Mobile World Congress. This bit of interesting news has been published by the Ubergizme and is possibly a true bit of report.  The Mobile World Congress will take place on the twenty fourth of February in the year of two thousand and fourteen and the new phone will be launched at the event.

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